Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

WHITELIGHT garage&autoparts shop ( NEW MOD )


location: dillimore near police office

there is a oilshop & gas station @ dillimore , in default game the oil shop/auto parts yayiri shop
is unenterable interior which the player not allowed to get in there....u just can take a look the interior
through the glasses windows,,is interesting for me to make this place enterable with teleport . i made some
change to  the texture gas station n shop. and add garage repair car & some actor with various performing act 
animation. i set the peds &cars zone change to uptown look so if go to dillimore ,the town is not country atsmospher again.im took many improvisation with the script , like a inserting mp3 opcode to the teleport 
thread,so if u enter the shop at the sametime music with room reverb fx is playing to. 

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